Bushy Brows


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Age seems to come up a lot in our family at the moment.

Be it Bart heading towards her tenth birthday and double figures.

Or AJ, a week from High School and teenage angst looming.

Jay and I too are feeling the years as we both hurtle towards fifty. A couple of old farts together.

So it didn’t help this morning, while lying in bed, I was smoothing Jays eyebrows flat as they have gotten a bit wild over the last couple of years and I said

“I wonder why mens eyebrows get long and bushy as they get old?”

Like a sleeping dinosaur, one eye opened and just looked at me.



“Older, not old. As they grow older.”

Too Young


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AJ: Is it true you are an adult at sixteen?

Jay: No.

Me: Well you can do adult things, like get married, but we wouldn’t be pleased.

Jay: We would say no. Sixteen is much too young.

Me: Daddy and I were twenty and that seems young now.

Jay: I see twenty years olds and I do think them too young to get married.

Me: But it worked for us.

Jay: That’s because Mummy met me and knew she would never find someone better.

Me: …….

Still Me: …….

Five minutes later

Still Me: …….

Dipping My Toes into Hairdressing.


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AJ has been desperate to dye her hair for a while now but she is only young so I didn’t want her to have anything permanent.

First we tried hair chalk, but they just didn’t take. To get any kind of colour payoff the waxy chalk made her hair look a greasy mess.

Next we tried cans of spray. But again, the colour just wouldn’t take to her dark brown hair, then one run through with the brush and it was gone.

She mentioned again today about dyeing it. The two of us watched a clip together on YouTube of a young girl dip dyeing her hair, and it looked a lot less complicated than I thought. So I decided I would give it a go.

On arriving at the shops, it seemed the temporary fun colours were for blonde hair only. We could do wild if we wanted permanent, or the other choice seemed to be bleaching the hair first.

Both options were a huge no.

So in the end we took a chance with a colour suitable for dark blondes. AJ is dark brown and Bart is a mid brown, so I didn’t have high hopes, but at under a fiver for the box of dye, we gave it a go anyway.

Improvisation was called for at the developing point. Neither girl was going to be able to sit still for the time required, but with sandwich bags and clothes pegs we managed to keep the rest of them dye free.

In the end, the results were surprisingly good. Barts came out better, because of her lighter hair, but AJ’s has taken quite a bit of the dye too.

Both girls are really happy with the results and I have to admit, for my first attempt dyeing their hair, I’m quite pleased.

Cock A Leg


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This afternoon we are heading out to a shop Jay wants to visit. It’s about a forty five minute journey and after weeks of sunshine and dry days we finally have some rain.

And as we head east, it’s getting quite heavy.

Which isn’t good when I’ve drunk a bottle of water before leaving home.

Sat at a junction twenty minutes into our journey, I announce to the car in general,

“I need to pee.”

A voice swiftly replys from the back seat,

“There’s a large tree you your left.”

Thank you Bart, but I think I’ll wait.

Between Worlds


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It is a weird time for AJ at the moment. She finished primary school back at the end of June. We had loads of events that between Jay, her Grandparents and myself we managed to cover. There was talent shows, go cart races, riverside picnics and finally a wee prom.

And then we were done.

Now it is the countdown until high school starts.

Last week we shopped for uniform, shoes and gym kit. Even the act of not buying velcro strap shoes hammered home my little girl is growing up.

A teenager is just around the corner, with all the joys that will bring.

But this summer, she is a little lost and a little confused. Stuck in that no man’s land between being a wee girl and a high schooler. Wanting to be all grown up in front of her younger sister, but still making the arts and crafts projects she saw on kids TV.

With just over two weeks to go until the new term starts, things are getting tense. Her moods are swinging wildly and tempers are short. Her younger sister knows exactly which buttons to press to cause an explosion, and does so, frequently.

But hopefully, with the first week of high school under her belt, AJ will be able to relax and enjoy this next exciting stage of her life.

Losing my…. pet bird?


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This morning Bart asked what virginity was. Being the absolute chicken he is, Jay told her to “Ask your mother”.

Trying to think of a nine year old context I told her it was someone who had never had a boyfriend, never kissed a boy.

“Oh,” she said “I thought it was someone who had lost their pet bird.”

“How did you get to that conclusion?” I know her brain often follows a path slightly angular to the rest of us, but pet bird?

“It’s in a Katy Perry song” Bart explained “Called Hummingbird Heartbeat”

“Losing a pet bird. Yep, we’ll go with that” Jay said.

Another Beach Walk


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img_20171021_144244_127705580550.jpgGrowing up where I did in England, it was always a huge event going to the beach. We would set out early in the morning, all piled into the car with my Mum at the wheel and Dad riding shot-gun. Places like Weymouth and Bournemouth seemed so exotic to a landlocked child.

Sandwiches would be packed for our lunch and we would spend the whole day playing on the sand, swimming in the sea, walking along the promenade and dipping in and out of the gift shops. Then if we were lucky we got to have fish and chips for tea, before heading home at the end of a long, happy day, smelling of sea, sand and sunscreen.

20171021_1506361584767279.jpgLiving where we do now, we can reach a choice of beaches in only thirty minutes. So most weekends, in all weathers, we head out as a family to walk along the sand.

Today, as the girls half term holiday draws to a close, the four of us plus Artie the whippet, jumped in the car and headed out. It was a little chilly on arrival, but as we trudged along the sand and the sun began to beat down, we warmed up enough to start removing hats and coats.


There was a great amount of interesting things washed up from the high tide, including a lot of starfish and a large crab that was stuck on its back. Jay picked the poor thing up as it was still moving and put him closer to the sea. We didn’t hang around, but hopefully he made his way back.20171021_151651747714490.jpg20171021_152439394580203.jpg






Of course the trip was rounded out by a visit to the local shop and ice cream filled chocolate waffle cones were enjoyed before heading back home.20171021_1451161985615287.jpg

Monsters and Mounds


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When we have two little monsters at home you must be wondering why today we went looking for another one, but with the kids on their half term holiday, and both Jay and I having the week off work, we took the girls to Loch Ness to look for a legend. The weather was overcast but dry and not too cold considering we are heading towards November,so we were able to sit overlooking the stunning views while having a snack.

Bart i20171019_145742957290998.jpgs totally convinced she saw Nessie, she even got a badge to say so. Jay is equally convinced she may need go to the opticians for bad eyesight, because seriously, there was no monster out there. But every ripple was a potential sighting and she had fun.

To be honest the only real monster sighting was the hundreds of stuffed toys in the gift shop. Bart’s eyes lit up like it was Christmas upon seeing all the plush monsters, but as she already battles to fit in her bed each night with the amount of cuddly animals already in it, she left the store empty-handed.
20171019_120301325788470.jpgIn the afternoon I dragged the family to another ruin. After traipsing around numerous castles over the last few years, I changed it up a bit and took them to a Bronze Age burial site, with three stone cairns (mounds) each encircled by standing stones. It really is a beautiful place, with an air of peace and mystery to it surrounded by trees that are just changing to their autumn colours.

Both AJ and I put our hands on the stones, but neither of us fell through time and Jaime Fraser sadly didn’t appear and whisk me away. But I think Bart felt something because she ran around the site, touching and hugging all the standing stones.

It been a good day to get out as a family, to just take a bit of time away from the house and have fun. With Jay and I working longer hours and school suddenly getting real for AJ is in her last year of primary, to take time and laugh together was good therapy for us all.

A Chip Off The New Tooth


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It really is tooth month in our house.

After the excitement of AJ’s visit to the orthodontist things had quietened down. Then today I had a message left on my voicemail from the girls’ primary school.

Bart was on her last swimming session of the term. Always on the final session they get to play and have fun. The message left informed me that Bart had slipped when trying to exit the pool and bashed her face on the side, chipping one of her front teeth.

I then had visions flying around in my head of a screaming Bart, her blood flowing into the pool and mixing with the water and half her tooth floating to the bottom. A bit dramatic I know, but my imagination was running wild. 

I messaged James and he got in touch with the school. By the time he spoke to someone, Bart had eaten her lunch and was playing on her lunch break. 

I calmed down when hearing this as she was obviously not in pain, but still fretted over how bad the tooth was.

Thankfully it really isn’t as terrible as my over active imagination thought. It was one of her front teeth, but it is quite a small chip at the bottom. Both girls are due a dental check up in a few weeks, so we will see what the dentist thinks when he sees her.

In the meantime, Bart is milking it for all she is worth!