The girls have a hamster called Harry. Actually they have four hamsters, Harry, Daisy, Peppa and Annie. Well, as I do most of the “looking after” I guess I have four hamsters.

But, back to Harry.

This morning I toddled down to the kitchen sleepy-eyed as normal, made the packed lunches, followed by breakfast for my husband Jay and the girls. It was not until after my younger daughter, Bart, had finished her Weetabix and gotten down from the table she discovered Harry’s cage wide open with no sign of the little critter!!!!!

Mass panic and mild hysteria followed.  Sparky the cat was swiftly ejected out the front door, Bart went racing to the bathroom in tears to tell her Daddy about the escapee and my older daughter AJ and I began to hunt.

Luckily the end of the house with the hamsters in is shut off during the night, so I knew he had not gotten to the playroom, living room or up the stairs.  On the other hand he did have run of the sewing area, boot room and kitchen.

Ten minutes later there was no sign of Harry and we feared the worst.  He was gone for good. I dispatched the girls to the living room to try to calm them down, when Jay called out… he could hear scratching.  Among lots of shhhing sounds I crept my way into the kitchen and yes, I also heard the tiniest noise coming from under the cupboard next to the fridge.  And then we saw a whisker and a twitchy nose. Armed with a screwdriver, food bowl and yummy hamster treat Jay and I removed the cupboard base board.

When light filtered into the dusty space under the cupboard, tiny eyes blinked at us and out wandered Harry, not a care in the world and no idea of the panic he had caused.

Adventure over.  He is now back in his cage exhausted and sound asleep.

Oh I did mention at the beginning of this the tale I do most of the looking after of the hamsters, so yes, I am the guilty party and left Harry’s cage open. And Jay left for work a hamster rescuing hero.