We all know what muzak is.  That background noise that can be blocked out when trawling shops or supermarkets.  It is sometimes “popular” tunes from the 60’s and 70’s re-recorded as an instrumental, usually with the dullest musical arrangement imaginable.

Well I have musak in my car and my house, even when I go for a walk with the dog. My muzak maker is three years old and just under a metre high.  It can get around on its own and tends to follow me. We call it Bart… my daughter.

Oh my child can talk and talk and talk. And she repeats over and over again. So like muzak I have learnt to tune her out, until she reaches a certain volume that I have to tune back in again.  With Bart this is usually when she has asked me a question and not gotten an answer, especially when I am driving. And the odd “uh huh” is not good enough because she will launch into

“Mum, does uh huh mean yes, mum? Mum, does uh huh mean yes? Mummy, does uh huh mean yes, mum?”

“Yes! Uh huh does mean yes! Now, what did you want?”

“Mum, I love you”