Don’t you just love those times when you have your whole evening planned out and your plan consists of nothing? That was me last night.  Supper was finished, Bart was in bed and AJ was cuddled next to me on the sofa, winding down for the night. My evening was going to be all about me, a good book, catching up on some blogs and probably a nose around Facebook to see what my friends were up to.  Even my husband was heading to his shed to give me a bit of quiet time.

Then at twenty minutes past seven, the phone rang:

“Charlotte?” It was my boss from the hotel where I work as a general assistant. “You were supposed to be here at seven o’clock”

I was?!!!!

“I am so sorry. I did not notice tonight’s shift on the rota.  I will be there in ten minutes”

Ten minutes. What the heck was I thinking?  The hotel was a five minute drive away and I was sat here in my scruffy clothes!

I raced upstairs, grabbing my black work trousers on the way. (I had only removed them from the washing line half an hour before – thank goodness for fabrics that need no ironing)  My jeans and shirt went flying across the bedroom as I did the classic trouser hop, bouncing around the room on one leg while the other got tangled in fabric.  My white shirt was new and hanging on the back of the bedroom door, unfortunately when I put it on I realised the fabric was a little more sheer than I had thought, so a precious twenty seconds were taken up finding a camisole to put underneath.

Next stop, bathroom.   Thank you Laura Gellar for your “Balance and Brighten”, just one whizz around the face with a brush. Mascara, eyeliner and I’m finished. My hair was having an ‘okay’ day, so I slid in a hair clip to keep the fringe out of my eyes and I was done.

I gave my husband and daughter a quick kiss goodbye, blew another up the stairs towards a sleeping Bart and out the door.

My car raced down our rutted and potholed track to the main road, then I headed towards the hotel.  I made it to work within the ten minutes I promised.

I have triple checked tonight’s rota, I am not working. So I have my whole evening planned out and my plan consists of nothing.