Memories are strange. Many things can trigger them. A smell, a taste or a sound.

Bart’s playgroup are having a fundraising coffee morning and I volunteered to do some homebakes. Three dozen cupcakes were either waiting to go in the oven, baking or sat on the cooling rack.  I then started on a lemon layer cake.  It was as I was squeezing a lemon to get all the juice out AJ pointed to the pips and asked

“What are they Mum?”

“They are the pips, the lemon seeds. If you plant them they will grow into lemon trees.”

“Oh, can we plant some?”

This threw me back to being a little girl and having a similar conversation with my Mum.  We were visiting my Grandmother’s house and she was growing a little lemon plant.  I found this fascinating and wanted to grow one too.  I have such a clear memory of my Mum, leaning over the kitchen sink, eating lemons so we could have the seeds to plant.

Thankfully I did not have to eat the lemons as they were needed for the cake, but the seeds are washed ready for planting.

I wonder if one day when my girls are mothers, if they will remember this moment. Or maybe they will hear  Nancy Sinatra singing ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ on the radio and think of the spring afternoon, surrounded by cakes, when the three of us danced around the kitchen table.