People come and go from our lives for many reasons. Some will be there from the beginning to the end. Some will be there for little more than a snapshot of time. Some will stay for years making us angry and frustrated. Some will disappear in minutes after making us smile or laugh… and some will scare us before we even meet them.

Sara terrified me. (I have changed her name and I hope she does not mind the alternative, but hey, Sara is easy to type!!)

Almost two years ago my husband and I adopted our two little girls, AJ and Bart.  Sara was their foster carer. Along with her husband and her own children, she looked after our two little girls for over a year and a half while they waited for their forever family to come take them home.

I know at times it had not been easy. I think at times it was pretty damn horrible.

When I first heard about my AJ, she broke my heart. Her story was not a good one. But then with ‘looked after’ children, they so rarely are. Then at twenty months she was placed with Sara and her family and thankfully her little world changed.  She had people who not only cared for her, but cared about her. She received the attention she needed and the love she craved.  The changes in her were amazing and they were in the main, due to Sara.

Two things really terrified me about this supermum. One, how could I ever live up to the standards she had set, and two, I wanted this little girl and her sister so, so much how could Sara not want them too? What if she decided to keep them?

Once I got to know Sara all my fears were put to rest. She is a wonderful person with enough love and time to share with not only her own family, but my two girls and the little ones she has cared for since.

Sara and her family opened their house to us when we began introductions with the girls. They kept smiling even though inside I am sure they were crying at the thought of saying goodbye. She is the one person I know will understand when I am having a bad time because she has lived it herself.

So no, maybe she does not wear her knickers over the top of her tights, or fly around her house with a billowing cape, but I am very happy I can call her my friend and share my family with her.