Children can be gross creatures.

There is the snot that runs out of little noses down to the top lip and lapped up like ice cream. Slug trails up the sleeves when clean tissues are left in pockets. Burping at the supper table and don’t get me started on the farting.

But to me the absolute worst is when I go to the bathroom, sit on the toilet and the seat is wet!!!!

I have told the girls to wipe the seat when they have finished. And it’s not every time I go to the bathroom. But you can guarantee if I am desperate to go, running through the house whilst undoing my jeans at the same time, I will forget to check the seat and…… well you guessed it.

There is a little poem I have seen around which I have thought of putting up in the bathroom, but as Bart can not read and AJ is just learning it seemed a bit futile.

“If you sprinkle, when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.”