“I am off to work now” Jay yells out, “See you all later.”

“Okay, drive carefully” I shout back from the other end of the house, “And don’t forget the flame thrower!”

Hmmm, not a sentence I tend to yell everyday.  My husband works for a plant hire company, repairing and maintaining all sorts of plant machinery. Really he plays with life-size Tonka Toys all day. Today he is going to bring home a flame thrower.

No, it’s not to burn my mother-in-law at the stake as a witch! (I adore my mother in law, also I know she is following this blog!) We have been given the use of a polytunnel to start growing our own vegetables. Well to say it is a polytunnel at the moment is a bit of an exaggeration. It is actually a frame without the plastic cover, which is totally overgrown where it has not been used for a number of years.

So today the plan is to strim away all the weeds and then burn the stubble – hence the flame thrower.

Wish us luck.