“Mum, AJ is jumping on the furniture”

“Mummy, Bart is drawing on the walls”

“Mummy, AJ hit me”

“Muuuuuuum, Bart took my toy.”

“Mum, AJ’s annoying the dog”

“Mum, Bart looked at me”

I remember the first time Bart told a tale.  I had gone upstairs to get her out of her cot and the bedroom was an absolute mess. My little toot looked me in the eye and pointed her finger at AJ’s bed. At the time I found it cute and funny.  Little did I know what was to follow.

From the moment Bart managed to string sentences together, she and AJ have been telling tales on each other. They have races to reach me so they can get in their side of the story first.

I react in a variety of ways. From “Never mind” or “Come here and apologise to your sister” through to  “She did what?” or “Right, on the time out mat. NOW!”

When my poor husband gets home from work and inquires how my day has been, I think sometimes he wishes he never asked,

“Well AJ jumped on the furniture, then Bart drew on the walls, then AJ hit Bart, so Bart took AJ’s toy. Then AJ was annoying the dog and Bart looked at her…….”

Seems maybe I have a tale to tell too.