“…Daddy, it’s morning, can we get up now? Please? Please Daddy? Daddy, please can we get up now?”

Ahh, Sunday morning. The only day of the week when the alarm does not go off at stupid o’clock. Well, it still goes off as it is set the same every day, but on Sunday I take the greatest pleasure in hitting the snooze button… repeatedly.

Our girls are five and three.  Unfortunately they do not yet appreciate the value of a good lie in. To them the sun is up, the day has started, why on earth would anyone want to waste time in bed?

It starts with Bart. She will toddle in not long after the first whack of the snooze button, climb into Jay’s side of our bed and start talking. We have tried sending her back to her own bed, but instead she will go wake up her sister and the pair of them will start argueing playing. It’s much easier to keep her in our bed, tell her to shh and go back to sleep.

Not long after AJ will come in (usually with freezing cold feet) and climb in my side. Again, with trial and error, we have learnt to keep the girls seperate on each side of the bed. If they can reach each other they start to poke and prod followed by a chorus of

“Muuuum, Bart prodded me.”

“Daaadeeeee…. AJ poked me.”

I guess you are wondering about the title of this little whinge story, two adults, two children, can the woman not count? Well, by the time I am on my third wallop of the snooze button, the cat has usually joined us. He takes the greatest pleasure in pinning me to the bed and rubbling like a mini rotavator in my ear.

Bare in mind we only have a double bed. (I keep promising myself a king size one but never seem to get around to buying it.) So we have me, my husband, two kids and a cat, all in a double bed when I hear the pad of dog paws coming up the stairs…

That’s it, I’m done. Time to get up.