What do you think is the best invention of the twentieth century? The microwave oven? The bag-less vacuum cleaner? The video recorder? For me the greatest invention of the twentieth century is hair straighteners.

I am one of those women inflicted with hair that is neither straight or curly. Polite people call is wavy. Me? I call it a mess. Tiny ringlets hang down either side of my face. Waves cover most of my head with chunks of almost straightness mixed in. And if there is any kind of dampness in the air, it frizzes like one of the Hair Bear Bunch! My visit to New Orleans was not one of my hair highlights. (Ha ha, highlights… get it?)

As a teenager the best way to control my hair was cut it short, but then towards the end of the 80’s short hair was not the thing. But phew, I was rescued by the perm.  Yep, for ten years my poor head was chemically processed within an inch of its life. Then one day Jon Bon Jovi walked into a salon and decided to get his hair cut.  It was over, the perm was dead.

So again I cut my hair short (much to the hilarity of my husband who had only ever seen me with corkscrew curls). But the upkeep of short hair is a pain and I just can’t be bothered to sit in a hairdressers every six weeks.  So this ginger mop – oh did I forget to mention I am ginger? – this ginger mop grew and grew and grew. It was out of control. What to do, what to do? Then one day my sister (who suffers with the same unruly hair type) came for a visit with perfect straight hair.

It was like light shone down on me from above and angels sang. Hair straighteners, a mini heatable miracle.

Now long, short or any length in between, every day is a Good Hair Day.