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At lunchtime I asked Bart about her morning at playgroup.

“I played with Leah,” she informed me “She’s my best friend. We didn’t play with any boys, because boys are stinky.”

I wonder when my girls will stop thinking boys are stinky?

My husband hopes they will be twenty-five before they change their minds. I am more realistic, but hoping for at least twenty-one!  I do know that any boy who walks through the door to take either of the girls out will be quizzed on his school achievements, parents, police record and future ambitions. Along with supplying a full written itinerary of where they are going on the date.

There is a great scene in the movie Twilight when Edward visits Bella’s house for the first time and Charlie is sat at the table cleaning his gun.  That will be my Jay, not that he owns a gun…. maybe he can be sharpening a carving knife.

But that is a long was off – thank goodness. For now I am quite happy for them to think boys are stinky and no one will ever be better than Daddy.