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We British love to talk about the weather. In fact it is a bit of a joke how much we do talk about it. But at the moment, joke or not, we have weather worth talking about.

Last week we had temperatures of 24 degrees celsius (75.2) and we wore shorts, t-shirts and summer dresses. For the first time ever we had a barbecue on Jay’s birthday and the girls were slathered in factor 50 before leaving the house. We spent afternoons walking in fields and eating ice creams.

Today we have 3 degrees celsius (37.4) and will be wearing hats, scarves and snow boots. The white stuff came down overnight and we have half a foot of it outside the door. After walking the dog we have come home cold and wet, so hot chocolate is drink the of choice (With whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles of course).

Snow in April is not a huge shock, it has happened lots of times before. Actually, its last weeks heat wave so early in the year that has surprised me more. But with such extremes in temperature from one week to the next I have to ask… what is happening to the Scottish weather? And if there is a choice, can I have the sunshine back please?