I think my younger sister and I were a about twelve and thirteen years old when we made a pact.  If we ever had children, we would never dress them the same. See, our Mum used to dress us the same…. a lot. Fi and I have only eighteen months between us (she is younger one) but even our other sister who is three years older than me did not always escape.

Then sometimes, to add insult to injury, Mum would go on a shopping trip with one of her friends who also had a daughter the same age as us. Yep, you guessed it…  I think the worst time was when Fi and I wore the same candy pink, duck sweatshirt (?!!) to school, only to find someone else walking around in it too.

I don’t know at what age I started to get annoyed with this. I do remember putting on an outfit for school one morning only to have Fi come down wearing the same, so I went back upstairs and changed.

Lets jump forward a number of years. Fi and I are both mothers. I have my two girls, she has two little boys and lets just say, we have both broken the pact. Although I confess to breaking it more than her. They just look so cute in matching outfits. Luckily my AJ and Bart are still young enough that they quite enjoy wearing the same clothes, but I know the day will come when I won’t get away with it anymore. I wonder how old they will be when they make their pact?