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We are nearly to the end of the first week of the Easter break.  Even with an escape to the nearest soft play area to meet friends yesterday, the girls and I are feeling a little cooped up in the house. You will often find our noses pressed to the window wishing the snow away and remembering the good old days of sunshine filled afternoons and running through fields of grass.  (Okay, okay I know it was only last week but it feels longer.)

Every toy (and they are legion) has been pulled out, inspected and dismissed as not interesting enough to play with. TV is “boring” and bouncing on the beds is banned. So today I brought out the big guns. Arts and Crafts. Little foam handbags with a selection of stickers to decorate them.  (Both girls have exactly the same – this Mummy has learnt the folly of trying to give them different the hard way!)

So fun was had peeling the paper backing off the stickers and arranging them carefully on the bags. Then peeling all the stickers off the bags and decorating the bowls the stickers had been in. Removing the stickers from the bowls and dropping a few on the carpet. Trying to remove the mix of dog and cat fur which had attached itself to the adhesive before sticking them to the legs of the coffee table. Under the beady eye of Mummy swiftly removing them off the legs of the coffee table and frantically sticking them back on the bag.

So, that didn’t take as long as I hoped…… what next? Anyone want to dress Ken in Barbie’s clothes again?