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It seems strange typing this now considering the temperature has dropped by twenty degrees and snow is swirling outside, but last week we had sunshine, lots of lovely hot sunshine and the girls had a wonderful time let loose in the garden. They were running in the house with Wellington boots on, running in the garden bare foot. Trailing grass and dirt from the lounge to the kitchen. Digging craters in the newly turned flower borders, hiding Zhu Zhu Hamsters in the barbecue and they bounced. They bounced on the trampoline, on the furniture, on each other… oh the fun was endless. (Is my sarcasm too subtle do you think?)

I have mentioned before my husband it a plant mechanic. When he gets home from work he has to keep the kids at bay until he gets his overalls off otherwise they get covered in grease and oil, but last Wednesday the roles were reversed.

There is no other way to put it, my kids were minging!

Bart had a mixture of chocolate ice cream, mud and… well I don’t know what else all over her face.  AJ didn’t look much better.  But it’s worth repeating, they had FUN.

After bath time when clean pj’s were put on and tired faces relaxed in sleep, I headed back to the bathroom to do clean up duty. Ugh… there was a dirt ring around the bath I could write my name in. But if tide marks are an indication of a good time, my girls had the best!