Last Sunday I decided it was time to tidy up my sewing table. It had not been done for a number of weeks, so was long overdue.  Amongst all the scraps of material, ribbons and pins I found a missing birthday card.  My mother-in-law had posted it nearly two weeks earlier for my husbands birthday and we had all thought it had gotten lost in the post. There had been much talk backwards and forwards over Skype about the demise of the Royal Mail system and those thieving posties, as the card contained money for Jay.

Straight away after finding the card I tried to contact my in-laws, but there was no answer on the mobile phone and the landline went straight to voicemail. So I left a message explaining the card had been found and I thought maybe someone under four-foot tall had picked up the post and left it on my sewing table without telling anyone.  We were all very sorry to have worried them about the missing card and we would speak to them soon.

It was Thursday before I got around to Skyping again. When I inquired I discovered my mother-in-law had not gotten the message and had sent another card with more money in it. She told me that she had popped a note inside which said if the original card turned up, to spend the extra money on the granddaughters.

Now be aware, this con to double your money might only work once because if you are as smart as Jay’s Mum, the second card will be sent by recorded delivery and you will have to sign for it!