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Jay is telling quite a few little lies this morning. You see he starts a weeks holiday today, but he has some jobs he needs to do in his shed and if the girls know he is in there they want to “help”. There are some jobs they can help with and he is quite happy for them to put on their little overalls and follow him out. But today is not the case.  So he is pretending to go to work.

He has gotten up, put on his work clothes and had breakfast with the girls as usual – good job they can’t tell the time properly yet as he is an hour and a half later than normal.

He went into the bathroom and had a shave – why he did this I have no idea. He doesn’t usually shave when going to work on a Saturday.

He made a big deal about the fact the microwave in the canteen is temporarily broken – this is because there is a piece of last nights steak pie left over and he would usually take it with him for his break.

He plugged in the cable from the house to the shed so he can have electricity – when quizzed about this by Bart, he said he had a car battery on charge.

He reminded me to keep the curtain shut on the only window which faces the direction of his shed – ha! Like I open curtains anyway… only joking… kinda…

He made himself a flask of hot water – again when quizzed he explained he might be on building sites repairing machines, so not near a kettle to make a cup of tea.

He told me he would be locking the front door – the door and one window face across the track to where his van is parked. The window is in the laundry room, so the girls are unlikely to go in there and with the front door locked they won’t see out that way.

He kissed the girls goodbye – for authenticity.

Off he went “to work” – Liar liar, pants on fire!

Our AJ has an amazing memory. She recalls things from months, sometimes years ago. So now Jay is going to have to remember this mornings sneakiness or he will get caught out.

Jay has a terrible memory. (Think Dory in Finding Nemo.) He can’t remember what he did yesterday, let alone a week or a month ago. Yep, Jay is going to get caught out!