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The house we live in has its own water supply which is great. Fresh water plus a large reduction of the council tax. The water runs down from the hills into a burn which is filtered then supplies the house. Only problem is when we have heavy rain or the snow melts the burn fills and washes peat with it, so our water turns brown. The girls find it funny because Jay says they are bathing in whisky.

AJ is at the stage where everything is “how”. How do you make milk? How do you make grapes? How do you make sheep? (Yes we have had “How do you make babies?” which I was suitably vague about.) So when in the bath she asks “How do you make whisky?” Jay’s eyes lit up.

You see we live in the middle of the whisky trail. If you hang out of the upstairs window and look to your right, the roof of The Macallan is just about visible. The girls school and playgroup is almost next door to Cardhu Distillery, home of Johnnie Walker. Nearby we have The Glen Rothes, The Glenlivet and Glenfarclas. So instead of explaining about stills and casks with the aid of pictures on the internet, we decided to do a tour of the big local distillery, Glenfiddich.

Dufftown the home of Glenfiddich is only a few miles away and the tour was informative but not too long. The girls loved looking in the tanks and using the wipers to clear the viewing glass. Standing next to a five metre tall wooden barrel was pretty cool too.

But the best bit for Jay is at the end of the tour. The tasting. Everyone over 18 years old gets to try a wee dram. Unknown to us, with this particular tour you get to try a 12-year-old, 15-year-old and an 18-year-old whisky. If you also have a wife who really is not fond of the stuff, you get to try each one twice!!!