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On Friday Jay, the girls and I went to a wee toot’s second birthday party. AJ and Bart were very excited because they love to visit our friends and also they knew there was a new member of the family… a bunny. On arriving at our destination we found not one but two bunnies had been adopted by the family. One of them I had previously spotted in the rescue part of the local pet shop the weekend before.  At that time no amount of eyelash batting and lovey dovey smiles had gotten my husband to agree to taking the little cutie home with us, so I was delighted (and shocked) to find it hopping around a cage at our friends house.

I have loved the idea of a house bunny since watching Felicity Kendal in Carla Lane‘s The Mistress back in the 80’s and then seeing such a cute little lion head rabbit, hopping around our friends kitchen really made me want one.

So today in the car I started my campaign. I was the one who would clean it out, I had the perfect spot for it, look how cute our friends bunny was, the girls would love a bunny. Then AJ chimed in, “Please Daddy, we really want a bunny, don’t be mean, we’ve never had a bunny, Daddy is a meanie, Daddy is a meanie”

So Jay decided this was his moment. He wants a tractor and I have been saying no for quite a while now. (I have no idea why he wants one – boy toys!) So we struck a deal. If he saves up the money he can buy a tractor and in return we did a U-turn to head to the pet store to look at rabbits. Ha! Just look.. like that was gonna happen.

We headed into the store and I was immediately struck by how cute the guinea pigs were… but lets not even attempt to go there. Anyway, there were only two bunnies in the shop. One was quite cute with mottled coloured fur, the other was white with pink eyes, but neither shouted take me home. So we wandered to the back of the store where the animals were that needed re-homing, and there he was. A gorgeous eight month old white and grey bunny with dark eyes and lop ears.

The girls knelt in front of his cage and he hopped over to say hello. Bart was in love. After choosing a cage, chatting with an assistant about his needs and giving a donation to their charity, we were heading home with a bunny. His name was Rabbit-ito which we did not like, so after much discussion we decided on Oliver, but when we got home and he settled in his cage Bart decided Nibbles was a better name for him. She was right.

So I guess I better change my profile to:

I am living in the North of Scotland with my husband, two daughters, a dog, a cat, four hamsters… and a rabbit.

p.s. Jay is having a wonderful time looking at tractors for sale!