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When my girls hit their teens, I will expect them to try to sneak out the door wearing too much make-up or clothes that their Daddy will totally freak out about.  AJ is five… five… should it all be starting now?!!!

This morning AJ dressed in her school uniform and I gave her an option of wearing either knee-high socks or tights. She opted for tights and when she could not stretch her sisters grey tights up her really long legs, (silly Mummy, you did not check the size) I sent her upstairs to get different pair.

“I’m putting them on up here” she yelled down the stairs after I queried what was taking her so long.

A few minutes later she casually wandered into the living room. Well, she thought she was being casual. She was in fact mincing across the living room on her tippie toes and drawing attention to her rather odd shaped wrinkled ankles.

“AJ, what is wrong with your feet?” I asked her


“So why do you have socks on under your tights?”

“How do you know?” she gasped at me.

“Because Mummies know everything. Now take them off”

Upon removing the tights she revealed  a pair of bright pink ankle socks.  Not school wear at all and much too cold for the rainy, chilly April day.

The next thirteen years are going to be fun!