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Last term AJ did dancing on a Thursday morning with a fabulous teacher called Palema (Pal-e-ma). Actually her name was Pamela, but AJ had problems with pronouncing it so she became known as Palema in our house.

When I dropped Bart off at playgroup today, I saw AJ’s class in their coats heading outside to go to another classroom. She waved, I blew a kiss and we went our separate ways.

At two fifty every afternoon I meet AJ off the school bus and so today I asked her where they had gone that morning.

“We have singing now instead of dancing.”

“You do? Are you enjoying it?”

“Yes we have been learning a new song… ‘I only had a little bit, Mummy can have the rest’ ” AJ sang in her off-key little voice.

“Little bit of what?”

“Cake.” Woohoo, my kind of song!

“What is your singing teacher called?” I queried

“Umm…. Miss….. Mrs…… Mrs Baking” she announced with a big smile. Huh, Mrs Baking, not heard of that name before.

When we got home AJ headed upstairs to change out of her school uniform. (Minus pink socks!)

“Mum” she yelled down the stairs, “I just remembered. The singing teacher is called Miss Cook”