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Kids have the strangest memories. Take my two for instance, I don’t know how many times I have yelled;

“Bart put your slippers on or you might…”

“Wahhhh, Mummy, I hurt my toe!”


“AJ, stop running on the wooden floors or you will…”

“Wahhhh, Mum, I slipped and hurt my hip”

and then there is;

“Girls, stay out of the puddles you don’t have your Wellington boots…”

“Wahhhh, Mummy, my feet are wet!”

They just don’t remember these simple things and it’s not just once a day I say it. I can tell Bart to put her slippers on a dozen times in an hour. Even after her daily toe stub or treading on a toy (don’t get me started on tidy up time!) she forgets that slippers need to stay on her feet longer that two minutes.

But if I say to them on Monday that maybe we will go out for ice cream on Sunday, oh boy, they remember that!