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One week on and Nibbles has settled in nicely.  He likes to spend most of his day in his cage, but with the door left open a lot of the time he is able to hop in and out as he pleases .

He loves the girls and is happy to join in games of Lego and Barbie or just sit and be stroked.

Jay (I don’t want a bunny) has rummaged through his shed and found some wood and wire to make Nibbles an outdoor run for sunny days (please can we have some sunny days?!). Yesterday he drew his design which Bart then showed the rabbit. We think Nibbles liked it as he did an excited hop across the living room.

Both girls were more than happy to help with cleaning his cage on Sunday (long may that last) and love to help with feeding time. Our dog ignores him, although Willow does give a “not another pet” sigh every so often and the cat spends most of his day in the barn,  so we just make sure Nibbles is in his cage with the door shut when Sparky does come in. We all agree our little rescue bunny is a great addition to the family.

This morning I was sat at the kitchen table finishing my cereal when AJ came rushing into the room

“Mummy, Nibbles is out of his cage bouncing around and ignoring me!”

Huh, I wonder if eight months is bunny years is like fourteen years in human time? Because he sounds just like the average teenager – not that I think teenagers should be let out of kept in cages of course!