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So, I know many men, including my husband, wonder why women have such an obsession with shoes and handbags. Well here is my theory and its very simple.

They fit.

Twenty years ago before buyers realised there was a huge untapped market out there, most stores only stocked clothes up to a size 16 (UK) or the odd 18 if you were lucky. One shop sold larger clothes for women and it was insultingly affectionately known as Evans – The Out Size Shop. In my early twenties I would scuttle in under the cover of a hood or umbrella and desperately look for something that I would not later see on a fifty year old.

I used to joke to my husband that I would go into the trendier shops like TopShop or River Island and the only thing that fitted me was the handbags. It was no joke.

Also weight fluctuates. What fits one day may feel way too tight the next. (Yes, even on slimmer women)

But, unless your feet swell up or you have both arms in a sling, shoes and handbags will always fit.