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So it’s raining again here in Scotland and we are once again stuck in the house. It is Bart’s day off from playgroup, so to keep her occupied I broke down and bought her a magazine (I find most kids magazines expensive and a waste of money). We went for the CBeebies one as there is lots to do and most of it she can manage on her own.

So we have spent a good hour together sticking stickers, spotting differences and counting ants. She is now quite happy, lying on the living room floor, drawing a giraffe and watching Mr Tumbles in Something Special

When I have the rainy day blues, I like to browse the internet. When I browse I tend to shop. If I shop who do I buy for? The girls. If I am shopping for the girls where do I go? Boden.  You see Boden is one of the few places where AJ can still get clothes that are appropriate for a little girl. I know in this age conscious society 40 is the new 30, but really, does five need to be the new fifteen?

AJ is tall for her age, so although she has not long turned five, she is wearing trousers and dresses for a six (sometimes seven) year old. The two of us spent over half an hour in one shop a few months ago trying to find a party dress for her.  We were in the local Next and AJ has grown from the cute little girl clothes into three to sixteen range. Three to sixteen!!! What are they thinking? No sane parent wants to dress their primary school age daughter like a sixteen year old… or is that just me? And what sixteen year old wants to see a little one heading to playgroup in the same outfit as them? So after a frustratingly fruitless search I finally approached a sales assistant to see if she knew of anything suitable. She proudly turned to me and said

“This range is all smaller variations of the adult clothes”

I rest my case.  We seem to be obsessed with making our children grow into adults and once we have them as adults, they become obsessed with having the figure of a child.

Jay commented the other day on a picture stuck to the fridge where he works. He told me it was of three women in bikini’s.  When he asked a colleague why it was there, he was told the two female members of staff had put it there to remind them of what they were aiming for.

“I told my workmate” he said to me later, disgust clear in his voice “The women in the picture had bodies like my five-year old daughter! What is attractive about that?” Being five foot four and rather “plump” (is plump the new fat? I think that could be a completely new blog) my heart gave a cheer at his words. But he is right, what are we doing to the future generations if we never let little girls be little girls and grown women strive to achieve the body of a child?

But, back to Boden. I have managed to get my shopping bag down from over two hundred pounds to ninety six, which includes a 15% discount code and free delivery… dare I push the “confirm” button?

AJ wearing the pretty dress Grandma made for her 5th birthday.