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This morning having done my usual round of dropping off kids, I headed to the nearest shop/petrol station to grab a couple of copies of the local newspaper to post south to family (my youngest has her picture in it) and top up the household essentials – milk, bread, chocolate…

When heading home I heard my phone ringing. I pulled over to the side of the road to reach for it, huh, not in my bag and not on the passenger seat either. Let me just… nope definitely not in my bag, even when I take everything else out. I finally found it on the floor under the newly purchased groceries, but by this time it had stopped ringing and notification of a voicemail had appeared.

It was Nic, one of Bart’s playgroup leaders asking if I had remembered to get the playgroup snacks for the week… Oh crap!  Every Mum or Dad at the playgroup takes their turn to get snacks for the children, we are given a list and the money on a Friday to get the shopping at the weekend to bring back on a Monday.

Now I have a great memory… for trivia. Show me a movie clip and ask me what else the actor has been in, I can tell you. Ask me who got to number one in the charts in 1980 with “It’s My Party” (as someone did recently) I’m your girl.  Ask me on Friday to get the playgroup shopping for Monday… not a hope!! Unless I write it down, which I didn’t. Or set a memo on my phone, nope didn’t do that either.

It had been a busy weekend. With trips to the Junior Highland Games at Gordonstoun, rushing back to make supper before heading out to help at the bingo fundraiser on Saturday. Then I received a call Sunday morning asking for my help with the busy lunch shift at the hotel, so it totally slipped my mind.

With visions of fourteen starving children (and two very stressed play leaders) in my head, I turned the car around using a forward and reversing motion (three-point turn to those old schoolers) and headed into the nearest village.

After getting most of the items on the list I phoned Nic and confessed that I had forgotten the shopping, but I had it now, should I bring it straight there? She assured me they had gotten some bread for toast and to bring the shopping when I picked up Bart. Knowing that no child would end up chewing their own (or a friends) leg off through lack of food, I headed home until collection time.

Now, I must remember to put the shopping back in the car to take with me…