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On Sunday, one of the towns near us was having a Theme Day. It is an annual event with craft stalls, bouncy castles, food vendors and classic cars.

Back in 1988 Jay and I went on our third date (I think, may have been second) to something similar. It was at Longleat in Wiltshire, home of Lord Bath and each year he would host a classic car show.

I remember the two of us, me seventeen and Jay eighteen, shyly holding hands looking at the Morris Minors and various MG’s before he took me to his parents house for tea. (I was so nervous as it was my first visit.)

Jump forward twenty-three years eleven months and here we are again looking at Morris Minors, MG’s, motorbike’s and tractors. We are living at the other end of the country but still holding hands, only the hands now are small and sticky, belonging to our two little girls.