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When we took our new pet rabbit to have a check over and booster shots, the vet told us bunnies are not solitary creatures like our hamsters and Nibbles would benefit from having a friend.

We thought about this and had a chat with an assistant at the store where Nibbles came from and had pretty much decided we would keep him as an only rabbit. Then at the weekend I popped in the pet shop to get some more feed and fell in love with a twelve week old baby girl bunny.

She is white with fawn tipped fur, dark eyes and a dark fur smudge across her nose. The cutest thing though are her ears.  After some research I have discovered they are called “Helicopter Ears” as one is lopped and the other stands up.  She is still growing so they may both lop yet, but those ears give her such an adorable look, I hope it doesn’t. After a lot of discussion in the car we decided to go with Jay’s choice of name and called her Tallulah. She is a really cute little character, a bit shy but getting braver as she hops around the living room.

At the moment we are keeping the bunnies separate as we don’t want a lot of babies, but tomorrow Nibbles is heading to the vet to be neutered, then after a few weeks we will slowly introduce them.

We have gotten a new big hutch ready for them to live together and Nibbles has already moved in. Lets hope he likes his new playmate.