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I have always been a half hour early rather than a five-minute late kind of girl, but this particular morning even I can now admit to be ready two hours earlier than I needed was a bit excessive. Now Jay is a roll out of his bed into his clothes type of man so it was not until he was washed dressed and finished his breakfast I told him I had set the clock early to ensure he was ready on time.

We followed the directions given to us the day before. It was a good job Jay had written them down as to be honest I was really not paying that much attention to anything going on in the meeting, I was too busy thinking about the next day. The farmhouse on the hill was exactly where it said it should be, but with fifteen minutes to spare we pulled into a field entrance and watched the minutes tick slowly by until we could knock on the door.

Cautiously driving the last single track road to our destination, Jay finally admitted he was nervous and steered the car with his knees for a few seconds while he sprayed under his arms with the can of deodorant he had put in the door side pocket.

Armed with gifts of a wooden spoon and a Bagpuss backpack we went to the back door. It was opened by Sara (Supermum) with a seventeen month Bart on her hip and three-year old AJ peering around her legs.

That first meeting was so scary, but so exciting. I think I remember everything, but I probably don’t.  After entering Sara’s kitchen I do remember Jay getting down on his knees to be level with the girls, he is a tall man (6’6″) which is a long way up when you are so small. I remember AJ had a doctors set which we played with and we visited the chickens and donkeys. There was also lots of bouncing on trampolines and AJ called me “Mummy Charlotte”. Bart spent a lot of her time hiding inside a toy tunnel and the first time Jay held her he was terrified.

We only stayed about an hour and a half that first day which does not sound long, but I was exhausted. After we left with promises to be back tomorrow we headed to the nearest town, parked and then phoned all our family and friends who were dying to know how it went.

Today I did not set the alarm clock early and I woke later than normal. Jay raced out of the house five minutes late, but the girls were dressed and ready for school and playgroup with half and hour to spare. Tonight I am cooking a roast chicken dinner and may splurge on a bottle of wine as it’s a day for celebration. Two years ago on this date, we met our daughters for the first time and started to become a family.