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So AJ’s school fashion rebellion continues. I left her downstairs to change from her night-dress into her school uniform the other morning, while Bart and I headed upstairs to choose clothes for playgroup.

When we came down again AJ had done a fab job putting on her underwear, school trousers, polo shirt and school sweater. School sweater? She doesn’t normally put that on until two minutes before leaving the house. Oh well, maybe she is a bit chilly.

After Bart was dressed, I gathered up all the abandoned night wear scattered around the living room so I could chuck it in the dirty clothes basket. Bart’s dressing gown, AJ’s dressing gown. Bart’s pj top and bottoms, AJ’s night-dress… huh… where was AJ’s night-dress?

After quizzing the little monkey and not being convinced by her innocent “I don’t know where it is Mummy”, she finally confessed in the form of lifting her sweater and polo shirt up. Underneath her school uniform she wore a sunshine yellow nightdress with a candy pink dinosaur on it.