Britain has gone Olympic crazy. There is patriotic red, white and blue in most stores, union flags at the supermarket checkout. Everyone and his brother has a sponsorship advert from fast food to fabric softener. I have seen bags, shoes, hats, trousers, t-shirts and socks all in the British colours or supporting the official logo. We live hundreds of miles from the new London stadium but it seems our little corner of Scotland has been well and truly caught up in the excitement. So it was no surprise when Jay came home the other day with two chocolate gold medals. (Two… two? Hello, there are three chocolate loving females in this house. Where is mine dammit?!)

On Friday’s I usually see AJ on to the school bus, wait half hour until I can run Bart into playgroup, do a quick kiss and dash out the door and head to my job working  for a tree surgeon. No, I am not a chainsaw wielding, tree climbing lumberjack. I am an invoice raising, estimate generating, report typing, book-keeping administrative assistant.

This Friday is different. The local schools have a couple of “In Service” days. Basically the teachers have training courses to attend, so the schools shut down and the kids stay home.  So I have to take AJ and Bart with me to work. We have just spent a good twenty minutes choosing which toys we are taking with us. Lectures advice has been given on good behaviour while Mummy is working and the bribe reward has been displayed in all its chocolatey foil wrapped glory.

So with visions of giant gold medals in their heads and threats of “don’t fight, don’t argue, play nicely, behave” ringing in their ears, we are heading out.