This afternoon Nibbles and Talulah met for the first time without one or the other of them being behind bars. It went really well. Nibbles waited a full five minutes, luring us all into a false sense of security, before attempting to see if the old equipment would work. I think these two will be good friends.

Where is she then?

I’ll be the one wearing the brown and blue harness.

Mmmmm… grass.

Okay, group shot, everyone look at the camera… or not.

Am I in the picture Mummy?

Nibbles: Nice to meet you at last.
Talulah: Whatever.

Talulah, could you stop eating grass for the photo? No?
Okay then, I’ll take it anyway.


Oh yes, this could all be mine.

Mummy, all Talulah does is eat grass!

But she is cute anyway.