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Last night I headed out to work leaving James to do bedtime with the girls. It was a busy night in the hotel. admittedly there were only thirteen guests for dinner, but with only two of us doing the bar, orders, waitressing, coffee (tea, cappuccino, espresso, macchiato) and KP I was pretty shattered by the time I dragged myself in the house at the back of 11.30.

I texted Jay that I was on my way home and was greeted by a hot cup of tea. (What a sweetheart.) After removing my coat and shoes I asked the question I always do when I get home.

“Did the girls go to bed ok?”

“They went to bed fine” Jay replied “But…”

Uh oh.

“I went up half an hour later to check on them,” he continued “Bart was fast asleep, but AJ was sat up in bed with the name CHELSEA written in foot high letters on the wall behind her headboard.”

She what….?

“I have to admit, she spelt it correctly and the writing was neat”

Was this really a proud Daddy moment?!

“I kept my cool, bought her downstairs and we filled a bowl with soapy water, I then got her to clean it all off before she was allowed to go to sleep. By the time she was near the end she was holding her right arm up with her left hand because it was aching, but I would not let her lie down until it was all gone.  She did make a really good job of it.”

Come on, another proud Daddy moment? Talk about putting a positive spin on it.

But why did she write Chelsea on the wall?  I have it down to two choices.

1: Chelsea Football Club had won some big game this weekend and AJ might have caught a mention of it on the TV. But then we are not football followers in our house and we spent most of the weekend outdoors, so that one is not likely.

2: AJ has a friend called Chelsea who lives in another town, but we have all admired pictures on Facebook of her proudly displaying new gaps in her teeth. AJ is quite envious of those gaps and is desperate for a visit from the tooth fairy.

Whichever one it is the walls are now clean… until the next time.