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Summer seems to have arrived in Scotland and fingers crossed it is here to stay. With sunshine beating down from the sky and both girls occupied with school/playgroup I grabbed the opportunity to dodge the ironing… again… and take Willow for a walk.  Armed with two bottles of water (one for me, one for the dog) two apples (mine) mp3 (again mine) sun hat, sunscreen and mobile phone (just in case I fell into a ravine and Willows Lassie impression was not up to scratch), we headed out.

The two of us set a reasonable pace and I had reached the river path before I knew it. Huh, it had only taken us twenty-five minutes. I have gotten so used to timing walks around the speed of a three-year old wearing Wellington boots continually filling with stones (some real, some imaginary) or a five-year old stopping to admire every flower, stone, bug, feather and leaf, I was amazed at how fast my four pawed companion and I were.

An hour and one very long hill later we were closing in on our starting point when I spotted a friend pottering in her garden and waved. I am guessing Willow and I looked pretty exhausted as she invited us in for a cup of tea and a bowl of water.