Wednesday is AJ’s ‘show and tell’ day.  This always causes much excitement as it is one of her favourite things to do at school.  Every item that is either found, bought or borrowed is weighed up for its potential show and tell ability. She has taken dolls, toys, pictures of the family, pictures of the animals, gifts she has received and items family have made. That along with Jay’s car magazine, a pair of sunglasses(?) and rocks(?!).

A couple of months ago AJ asked if she could take one of the hamsters. She promised me it would be quite safe in her bag, she would keep it zipped up and everything. (Imagine the most wide-eyed, earnest expression ever given.) Of course my answer was no way, uh uh, nope, not gonna happen. Then, with memories of her sister’s Barbie doll hidden in her bag to sneak to school circling my head, I decided the wisest course of action would be to padlock the cages shut. But she asked again… and again… and again.  I decided the best path was for me to write a note in the parent teacher communication book and say I was happy to bring the hamster for show and tell, then take it home afterwards.

It was decided, I would bring in the hamster at 9.15 this morning and after a brief chat with Mrs Scott in person, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and bring in a rabbit too. So when we set off this morning, Talulah was in a pet carrier on the passenger seat and Harry was in the little hamster carrier in the passenger foot well.

The talk went quite well, AJ did clam up a little, but I think that was because I was there watching. Some of the children had really good questions too. After everyone discovering the amount and variety of pets we have, one little girl put her hand up and asked “If you were getting another pet. What would it be?”  It was a very good question, but also out of the question. Jay has put his foot down… NO MORE PETS!!!! (Meanie) But then AJ’s reply was a pet slug and we have loads of those in the garden already.

I then sat with Harry in my hands and all the children came up two at a time to give him a stroke and they all petted Talulah at the door at they headed out to art class.

As the last of the children went past, another of the teachers asked if I would mind showing her group the animals, so as AJ’s class left I headed back in and did my own show and tell for a group of about six.

I next went into Bart’s playgroup so the wee ones could all have a look and a stroke too.

Both Harry and Talulah behaved themselves exceptionally well. Even when one little boy got a little frightened and hit Harry instead of stroking him, I think I jumped more than the hamster. I think there will be extra little treats for them both later today.

In my posts I have written about Harry, Talulah, Willow, Nibbles and Sparky but never about Daisy and Peppa who were left behind today.  So I thought I would share a couple of pictures of them.