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Playdates terrify me. There I have said it. I have no idea why it is, but it’s true. I know they are good for my girls, developing their social skills and all that and once their little friends (and little friends parent) arrive, we all generally have a good time. Maybe it is the crazy that come before that stresses me.

Take today for instance. This afternoon we had two playmates coming, the little girl is the same age as AJ and the little boy is the same age as Bart. Their Mummy is a lovely lady (and I am not writing that just because I know she reads this blog!) who I have gradually gotten to know first through toddler group and then swimming and dance classes. We have talked about a play date for a while and today is finally the day.

So this whole morning I have been a whirling storm of crazy.  After dropping Bart at playgroup I raced to the nearest large village (about five miles away) to do the few chores I needed to do, then quickly headed home again to start cleaning house.

I hate cleaning! I have a theory. If women are from Venus and men are from Mars, then people who enjoy cleaning must be from Uranus. Don’t get me wrong, we do clean the house. Every Sunday morning I start at one end, Jay starts at the other and we meet in the middle, or if we know we are going out on Sunday it gets done Saturday afternoon. But between cleans, although the vacuuming gets done every other day, my house gets cluttered and when I am on my own, I am not an organised cleaner.

I started in the living room by picking up the scattered Lego and Barbie shoes that always seem to get missed and then vacuumed. As I finished the living room, I saw the hallway needed sweeping and the broom was in the kitchen.  Off I toddled to get it. Once there I thought I might as well sweep the kitchen floor as there were a few crumbs and dog hairs on it. As I finished the sweeping I was thinking the rabbit litter trays needed changing, so I grabbed a carrier bag and headed out of the kitchen, through the hallway, then through the playroom into the second hallway towards the rabbits in the back porch. It was then I remembered the wooden floor of the second hallway needed sweeping and I had left the broom in the kitchen.

In the end it all got done as much as I could be bothered to do before our guests arrived. The kids, after a quick pit stop at the hamster cages and rabbit hutches spent most of their time playing in the garden anyway. I had a great chat with their Mum and the girls and I were sorry to see them go.

So why the panic? I have no idea. Now they have visited the first time, I will be fine inviting them back… but what if AJ and Bart want to invite someone new?