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Bart has a simple policy when it comes to TV, unless it is animated or everyone is in garish clashing colours, she ain’t gonna watch it. Peppa Pig, Balamory, Scooby Doo all come under her heading of “my programs” and she will happily sit down and watch them, but any children’s nature show or news program even quiz shows were the children have to get covered in goo is a no go for her.

If I flip through the channels looking for something I wish to watch she will give me a no vote until we get to CBeebies, Nick Jnr or Disney. I usually give in unless I have ironing to do. House rule, when Mummy irons, she has total control of the TV. No exceptions. (Which is how I managed to watch much of the Jubilee celebration yesterday.)

Imagine my surprise then, when flipping the channels this morning I came across a 1934 black and white edition of Anne of Green Gables and Bart jumps to her feet yelling “Yes, this one. I want to watch this one”

We then spent a lovely hour and a bit, snuggled on the sofa watching the movie. Unfortunately it did not last and Mr Tumbles is now on, to be followed by Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Oh joy!