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Heading home from playgroup today…

Bart: Mummy, when is Liam’s party?
Me: Saturday.
Bart: Mum, is it Liam’s party on Saturday?
Me: Yes it is.
Bart: Mum, it is Liam’s party on Saturday.
Me: Is it?
Bart: Did you know Hannah has been to Ballydalick Castle?
Me: Urrmm….
Bart: We’ve been to Ballydalick Castle haven’t we?
Me: Yes we have been to Ballindalloch Castle.
Bart: Hannah went on a Friday. Did we go on a Friday?
Me: No, we went last Sunday. You did you Highland Dancing.
Bart: Oh yeah. We went on a Sunday. When is Tuesday?
Me: After Monday.
Bart: Tuesday is after Monday?
Me: Yes
Bart: Yay, we are going to Kate’s on Tuesday!
Me: No, that was last Tuesday.
Bart: Mummy, are we going to Kate’s on Tuesday?
Me: No, we went last Tuesday.
Bart: Oh yeah. Mum, when is Liam’s party?

Oh my poor ears.