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Up at six, bed at one,
Where the hell has my day gone?
Five hours sleep is not enough,
But the whole day is full of stuff.

Swimming, dancing, events for school,
Taxi-ing kids like a crazy fool.
Breakfast, lunches, dinner too
Trying to cook something new.

Working two jobs,
No make that three.
Being Mum is work, you see.
Waitressing, pouring pints, serving dinner,
With all this work shouldn’t I be thinner?
Invoice, estimate, tree report
Dreaming of a spa resort.

Cards and presents we must bring
Seems party season’s in full swing.
Three attended this week alone,
The girls have fun, so I shouldn’t moan.

Baking for playgroup coffee morning
I may doze off, here’s your warning.
Ironing pile taller than me
That’s not difficult at five foot three (and three-quarters!)

Another trip to the vet,
This hamsters putting me in debt.
Remember to clean out the rabbits
A few more weeks and they can cohabit

Today I have the evening free,
Going to spend some time on me.
Banish my husband to his shed
I’m going to star shape across the bed.