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I apologise for my blogging being very quiet over the last couple of weeks but life has been too busy to allow me to stop and write about it. Here is a quick round-up…

The Olympic Torch has passed this way and AJ’s school entered the Small Schools Olympics. Seven little village schools joined in with all the children having a go at a new sport in the morning and taking part in events in the afternoon. Jay took the day off work and we took Bart to watch the games and the torch pass by.

Bart’s playgroup held a Jubilee tea party for the Mums and Dads who were able to attend. We had sandwiches and cakes as well as tea in pretty floral china cups.

We then had AJ’s sports day the following evening. Alternating between bouts of rain and swarms of midges the children raced for all they were worth. AJ received four third places and a couple of well done’s for her efforts.

Hoop skipping race.

Even Bart got in on the action taking part in the wee ones race while wearing her super aero-dynamic racing outfit tutu!

Official British Olympic Outfit?

While this was all happening I decided it was time to start formal introductions between Nibbles and Tallulah. After a brief fur flying fight on the first day, the two bunnies soon got used to jumping into each others hutches until we were able to settle them in the same one.  They look so cute cuddled up together.

The village fete took place and although I did not have to help on the stalls, I spent the day before furiously baking cupcakes and banana loaves. (I had to bake extra knowing Jay would not be able to resist eating one of the home-baked goods!) Bart had a fun time making friends with a cute lamb called Thimble, which she got to help feed.

I attended the playgroup AGM where the outgoing committee members all resigned their posts. Although internally I was chanting “Don’t volunteer, don’t volunteer” when nobody else spoke up I took on the role as secretary for the next twelve months.

Last Tuesday Bart and her playgroup friends went on their summer outing. We headed to Brodie Castle which had recently opened a new adventure playground. The kids (and adults) had a really good day out, with slides and climbing frames, swings and sand pits. Well worth the visit and free too:o)

Meanwhile our little three-legged hamster, Daisy is doing really well.  She is running around her cage as fast as she ever did. Although she does lose her balance sometimes and fall, she is such a trooper getting back up and racing again.

AJ had another party invite. This one said bring a water gun and water proofs. A couple of hours with her school friends, running around a field in the rain shooting each other with water all to claim a flag. Followed by face painting, hotdogs and party food. My girl was in heaven.

I decided I was bored with my hair and it was time for something new. So on a trip to Asda, I stopped the trolley in the isle for hair dye. With input from Jay and my two mini stylists we decided on a deep wine red colour. Unfortunately my first home attempt did not come out as well as I hoped, so I ended up buying a second box and doing it again. It is still a bit of a shock when I catch myself in the mirror, but I really like the change.

Bart had been coughing during the night, it got so bad one night that she, along with Jay and I did not get much sleep, so I took her to the doctors who diagnosed acid reflux.  She is now taking medicine before bedtime which really seems to be helping.

Last Saturday was the village summer outing.  The four of us arrived in the square at 10am to catch one of two big white buses heading to the seaside. The rain was coming down but despite that quite a few soggy villagers clambered on the buses clutching deck chairs, tents and for one optimistic family, buckets and spades. When we arrived at the beach the rain had stopped, although it was still overcast. I think everyone enjoyed themselves despite the lack of sunshine, some crazy brave kids donned their swim suits and headed into the North Sea. It made my teeth chatter just looking at them. A picnic lunch was provided followed by ice cream later in the afternoon.  We did a hasty pack up and back onto the buses when the heavens opened at around four o’clock, then headed back to the village hall for an indoor barbecue.

On Sunday Jay and I laid new lino in the ‘rabbit room’ during which he decided to try and teach the girls break dancing… yes… try… I will leave it at that.

Monday was AJ’s summer school trip. All the teachers and pupils headed off to the cinema to watch Top Cat followed by lunch and playing in a park.

Today was Bart’s playgroup fun day. A bouncy castle/slide was hired much to the excitement of all the kids. There was also snacks and lunch boxes.  The children who are moving up to primary one next year all wore little black graduation hats they had made themselves and each child got presented with a book, Jubilee coin and a toy.

Tomorrow is Bart’s last day of playgroup before the summer holidays. It should be fun as all the parents, staff and children join in a water fight. (Must remember to take a change of clothes this year.)

AJ’s school has a service in the church at ten o’clock tomorrow morning, where the children heading to high school get to talk about their time at the primary school and we get to see photo’s of them over the last seven years. I have been warned to take tissues and seeing as I can cry at most things, I think this is good advice.

Then on Thursday it is AJ’s last day in Primary 1. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone.  My little girl who was so excited to go on the bus that first day will not be the youngest in the school anymore. A new crop of playgroup ‘graduates’ will be starting in August. Jay and I are so proud of what she has achieved this year. She came home that first day clutching her homework, learning to read and write a single letter at a time and now she reads books. She knows her numbers and can add them together. Show and tell is the highlight of her week and she loves art class and dancing. She has a wonderful teacher who she will stay with for the next three years and staff around her who know her for the little girl she is and not just another face in the crowd.

AJ on the bus for her first day of school last year.

So as you can see, as we speed towards the end of term, it has been a busy time here and to be honest we are all worn out. Next week both Jay and I have the week off work and we plan to spend some time with the girls, going for some trips out, but generally taking it easy.  I for one can not wait.