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Today was Bart’s last day of term at playgroup and like previous years the playgroup leaders, all the children and their parents headed out to the school field for a water fight.

Bart went prepared with her shower proof jacket and water proof dungarees… unfortunately I forgot her wellie boots. She was super excited and had been talking about ‘shooting gun day’ ever since we had bought her and AJ a gun each a few weeks ago.

When I rolled up at the school at 11.30 everyone was outside in the drizzling rain and had started. So I donned my bright yellow waterproof coat, armed myself with a water gun and camera, then headed out. In my head I heard a wild west theme and imagined tumble weed rolling past.  I actually looked more like a stunted Big Bird squelching through puddles.

I stopped at the side of the field to snap some pictures, not knowing one of the Dad’s had snuck behind me until I got an earful of water.  Stuff that for a game of soldiers… the fight was on. Armed with my pump-action water gun I launched into the fray shooting whoever got in my way be they three-foot or six-foot tall.

Thankfully my worst fear wasn’t realised and the colour in my home hair dye did not run and leave me looking like a Wes Craven slasher victim. Although I closely resembles a drowned rat by the time my fighting was over.

Bart and I discuss warfare tactics.

So that’s it, another year over.  I have one more water fight to attend this time next year and my playgroup days will be done. Even the thought of it makes me sad, it is such a loving and happy place for our children to start their school life.

Thank you Nicola and Viv for all your hard work. We really do appreciate you.


Our wonderful (and wet) play group leaders.

Put your hand up… NOW!