Jay and I had struck a bargain, he was not allowed to bring home anything with wheels and I was not allowed anything else with fur. Fair enough, but then neither of us had counted on Bart.

A couple of months ago, when the two of us were in the pet shop, one of the assistants was bringing the guinea pigs out for the day and she stopped to let Bart stroke them.  My little girl fell in love. Ever since, whenever we go into the store, she runs to watch the little creatures running around.

So today when we went to buy litter for Daisy’s tray (yes, I have a toilet trained hamster) my little one once again ran to the guinea pig section. After a flying visit to Jay at work and a chat with the shop assistant on care and diet, Bart could not believe her ears when I told her to choose a little furry pet.

There were three males in one section and two females in another. I really liked a rosette black and tan one whose fur stuck out everywhere, but Bart liked a cream one with pink eyes. One problem, pink eyes freak me out and these were bright pinky/red. (Think angry Ood from Doctor Who.)

After a swift bit of reading I discovered that like rabbits, guinea pigs enjoy company of their own kind so the black and tan one was a definite now we had to try to see what the third one looked like so I could persuade Bart away from those pink eyes. (It really didn’t help that pink is one of her favourite colours!)

The third little chap was a beige/brown/grey colour all the way down one side and cream with pale ginger patches on the other. Patch… the perfect name. So it was decided, Patch and the little black and tan one would come home with us.

By the time AJ got home from her last day at school both guinea pigs were in their cage. She was so excited especially when I told her Patch was Bart’s and the other one was hers.  After some thought and crazy suggestions she finally chose the name Murphy.

So there we have it. Two new members of the household. Patch and Murphy the guinea pigs.