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I have no idea what my girls are doing, but they are growing like crazy at the moment. Which is really evident when I put AJ in trousers, all her jeans seem to hit her about an inch above the ankle.  This is fine when she wears her red baseball boots, but with shoes or trainers it looks as though the hem of the jeans and her ankles have had a row and don’t wish to be anywhere near each other!

So today I left Bart “helping” her Daddy in his shed while AJ and I went shopping. We managed to find two pairs of skinny jeans which we both liked, but to get a leg length that would give her time to grow I had to buy age seven. My daughter is five and a half years old! People do tell me she is tall for her age… no kidding!!!

While we were browsing the clothes department in ASDA I remembered Jay needed some new underpants. I discouraged AJ from putting pink stripes or Where’s Wally pants in the trolley knowing there was no way he would wear them and so we settled on three pairs of black and three pairs of yawn grey. Then she spotted some mens lounge/pyjama bottoms in bright yellow with pictures of Spongebob Squarepants on them. I thought my girl was going to pee her knickers from laughing so much at the thought of her Daddy wearing them.

So, whats a Mummy gonna do? I bought them of course!

Jay “modeling” his new pyjama bottoms.