It’s been over a week since Patch and Murphy joined our family and I am finding myself falling more and more in love with these little creatures.  The first time we heard them chattering away to each other the girls and I could not believe our ears.  They are so cute. The little bubbly sound they make when choosing their favourite morsel from the food bowl is my favourite.

After a couple of days Patch (the braver of the two) ate food from my hand, it took Murphy a while longer but he will do it now too .

I have been gently holding them one at a time with the girls softly stroking them, but today I got the girls to sit on their bean bags (close to ground level) and put the guinea pigs on their laps. Both girls were so excited and unlike hamsters and rabbits, the little piggies were quite happy to sit still and be petted.

AJ with Murphy

Bart with Patch

These two little guys are adorable and a huge success with AJ and Bart. I can’t believe I have never owned one before, I do know they won’t be our last.