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Last Monday Patch and Murphy’s new hutch arrived. It came around lunch time in a huge flat pack box.  Rather than waiting for Jay to come home, I decided I would have a go at building it myself with the new ratchet screw driver I had bought the previous Saturday. (No designer handbags or shoes for me!)

It was funny watching the girls race back and forth between my assembly project and the Smurf movie on the TV. There were looks of astonishment and exclamations of “Wow!” and “How did you build that Mummy?”  Yes, Mummies can build furniture too, it’s not just the Daddies. By the time Jay got home from work, the hutch was finished and Patch and Murphy were settling into their new home.

As you can see from the picture, we had a two storey hutch with residents on the ground floor only, so at the suggestion of four little piggie boys who write their own blog I thought I would check out the Scottish SPCA website to see if anyone needed re-homing. Expecting to find lists of little ones needing a new place to live, I was surprised to find that neither Inverness or Aberdeen had any rescue guinea pigs. I then went to my local Pets at Home, but they didn’t have any either. I searched the internet, but I could not find any guinea pig rescues this far north.

I hit the internet again and found the The Scottish National Cavy Club. I went to their members list and contacted the first person listed to see if they knew of any guinea pig rescues in my area. Within a couple of days I heard back from the lady (who along with her family) owns Glenwhilk Cavies, after a bit of confusion about re-homing my daughters two boys (as if!) we started to chat back and forth and she suggested I have a look around her website at the different breeds.

Oh boy, I fell head over heels.

I have mentioned before how I am not keen on the white piggies with bright pink eyes, well Glenwhilk Cavies breed the most beautiful self creams with dark eyes. The faces on the little chaps are so cute I could not resist. They had some boys who were for sale and after receiving some emailed photos I knew I had found my piggies.  I say mine because Patch and Murphy are the girls’ babies and all the other animals belong to the whole family, but these two little boys were mine alone.

AJ with a gorgeous dark-eyed self cream.

Sunday morning the alarm went off at stupid o’clock 5am, we all dragged our butts out of bed and headed south. With a stop to have a yummy cooked breakfast on the way, we arrived in Sterling after 10am to meet the piggies.

Bart with a one day old pink-eyed self white.

Well we had fun. The stud was housed in a shed in the rear garden of the owner’s house and we had a wonderful time looking at all the breeds she had. The girls got to hold some beautiful little piggies including one that was only a day old and one with the craziest hair! AJ even got to feel the babies wriggling inside a pregnant Mummy.

We saw self whites and blacks, a beautiful self chocolate, some lovely dutch, a couple of abyssinians, a father and son with crazy hair and my favourites, the dark-eyed creams. Some were Best in Show prize winners and some were pets. All were gorgeous.

I had a lovely chat about care, feeding and showing cavies and our host was happy to answer any questions I had and so patient with the girls. She and her Mum have been breeding and showing cavies for over twenty years and you could hear the passion and love she holds for these little animals in her voice.

Finally it was time to go as we had the long trek back north (and I had to work that night). We loaded up my boys and headed home.

They are now in the “penthouse” level of our hutch and they seem to be settling in.  After much thought on names and going through a long list of ideas I finally settled on Maple and Pecan. So here they are, my beautiful boys.

Pecan on the left and Maple on the right.

You looking at me?

First day home.