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Jay and I are a pair of pack rats, we find it really, really difficult to get rid of stuff. Which is why he has a huge shed, two smaller ones and his stuff overflows into the garden. And I never have enough storage space inside the house either.

When we moved house last year, I finally broke down and sorted through my books.  I gave over a dozen boxes to my local library to either put into stock or sell to raise money for more books. (It still leaves me with six book cases full!) I have a couple of wardrobes that are overflowing with clothes I rarely wear. And shoes, I have not counted my shoes, I think I would scare myself.

So today I decided it was time to sort out and get rid of some of the shoes cluttering our boot room. Not mine of course! Oh no. These were shoes belonging to AJ and Bart. Some where falling apart and some were just too darn small, why I was keeping them I have no idea. They got sorted into two piles, one for the clothing bank and the other for the bin. I managed to fill half a rubbish sack with shoes to be passed onto charity and only a couple of pairs were in such a bad condition they needed to be thrown out. With feet growing so fast, the girls rarely wear out any shoes.

While I was on a roll I managed to part with five, (five!!) pairs of my own shoes.

Next stop the wardrobes… but I may just leave that for another day.