… to get a lie in around here?
Yesterday my head was killing me. It was one of those headaches which lasted for hours, just above my right eye. Medicine did not cure it, neither did putting Little Rascals on the TV to occupy the kids while I napped on the sofa.

At 4pm I finally caved and phoned work to let them know I could not make it. The thought of racing around in a noisy restaurant and a stifling hot kitchen made me feel quite sick.

I hadn’t started any supper so when Jay got home I raided my purse and sent him out to get fish and chips. Then he offered to take the girls outside for a while. After putting on their little overalls, the three of them headed out to “work” in Jay’s shed.

I enjoyed the quiet and just being able to give my pounding head a rest, so when Jay came back in around nine to say could I come and take a picture of AJ and Bart helping with the tractor I was shocked by how much time had passed.  After snapping a few frames I came back into the house while Jay and the girls finished up.

By the time everyone was back in, the girls washed, in pyjama’s and gone to bed it was passed ten o’clock. Yay, heading to bed that late surely I would get a decent lie in.

Nope, AJ woke at 6.30 this morning and Bart was about forty minutes later.

One good thing… my headache has gone. Problem is I must have slept in an awkward position because my back has stiffened up and I am walking around doing a very good impression of Quasimodo.