This morning looked as though it would at last be a fine day.  With Jay and the girls out on another mechanical mission I thought this was a good chance to get Nibbles and Tallulah in the garden.

Taking the bull by the horns… or rather the rabbit by the ears (only joking) as soon as the grass felt dry I waddled to the middle of the lawn with their run and one at a time transferred the bunnies outside.

After a few minutes of “Where the heck are we?” and “What’s that ruffling my fur? Have you farted Nibbles?” the pair of them settled down in the breezy fresh air happily munching grass and admiring the view.

This also gave me a chance to clean out their hutch with out wiggly nosed little helpers jumping in and out as I get rid of the old bedding, climbing in the litter trays as I lift them, kicking the new wood shavings as soon as they are put down and generally being a pair of inquisitive pests.