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Yesterday we awoke to a sky with less than fifty percent cloud cover and a bright yellow orb shinning down heat and light. Yay, a sunny day!

A buddy of mine posted on Facebook that his family were going to hit the beach later that afternoon, if anyone was free they were welcome to join them. Well, this spot of sunshine may only last the day, so with the beach only forty minutes away (thirty if you put your foot down… or twenty if you wish to risk getting stopped by the police!) it would have been crazy to stay at home.

I put the kids in their swimming costumes (under their shorts and t-shirts) threw towels, underwear, bottles of water and my trusty camera in a bag and the three of us headed out.

When we arrived at the beach it was just after 2pm and the cloud cover behind us was hitting seventy percent and quite dark in places, but the girls were determined to go in the sea.

The North Sea was freezing! I only got my toes wet and that was enough for me, but my crazy brave girls were running in and out, splashing and having great fun.

We didn’t stay for a great length of time as AJ and Bart started to get chilled but with the way this summer is going, we may not get another day warm enough to go to the beach, so it’s best to make the most it if only for a short while.